AM photo croppedEditorial and Journalistic Positions

Medical Editor and Consultant: Hard Tissue Research Department, New York University, College of Dentistry: 2016-present

Medical Editor: OrthoMatrix, Corp.: 2017-present

Consultant: 2017-present


Medical Editor: Facial Beauty Institute: 2010-present

Consultant: 2017-present


Medical Editor, International Journal of Orthodontics: 2010-present

Managing Editor: 2017-present


PrecisEd, Inc.: Memphis, TN: Journalist (contractual) for artificial intelligence software development for post-secondary education: 2017-2019

Facial Beauty Institute, Collierville, TN:  Instructor: 2010-present


Freelance journalist: Smith & Nephew, Memphis, TN 2001


Freelance medical editor for two major textbooks (rheumatology and pediatric rheumatology): 1976-1978


Academic Positions

University of Memphis

Adjunct Faculty, (graduate and undergraduate faculty), Communication Department, 2006-2008.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, 2003-2006



University of Memphis, Memphis, TN        

Ph.D.:  2002-2006

M.A. Journalism: 1999-2001


Christian Brothers University, Memphis, TN

BS/BBA, summa cum laude: 1994-1998       

Major: Business Administration            


Honors and Awards

Phi Kappa Phi (Scholastic Honor Society) 2001                  

Kappa Tau Alpha (Journalism Honor Society) 1999

Alpha Chi (Scholastic Honor Society) 1998

Dean’s List, Christian Brothers University, 1997-1998



Mrs. McDevitt is an international speaker and has had several published clinical peer-reviewed articles. 

Managing Editor: Bhagat, R.S. (2006).  Special IssueMegatrends in world cultures and business. Journal of International Management.  Vol. 12, Number 2.


Research in Progress

Barzanty, C., McDevitt, A.S., Raghunath, S., Prasad, S, Srivastava, B. (2019).  Global mindset in a comparative perspective:  The case of BRIC, EU, and breakout nations.



Bhagat, R.S., Triandis, H.C., & McDevitt, A.S. (2012).  Managing the global organization:  A cultural perspective. Northampton, MA:  Edward Elgar Publishing.

Bhagat, R.S., McDevitt, A.S., & Baliga, R. (2017) Global organizations:  Challenges, opportunities, and the future.  New York:  Oxford University Press.


Chapters in Books

Bhagat, R.S., McDevitt, A.S., & McDevitt, I. (2009).  Cultural variations in the creation, diffusion and transfer of knowledge.  In R.S. Bhagat and R.M. Steers (Eds.) Handbook of Organizations, Culture, and Work. Cambridge, England:  Cambridge University Press.

Bhagat, R.S., McDevitt, A.S., & Segovis, J.L. (2009). Immigration as an adaptive process: Implications for lifelong learning.  In M. London (Ed.), Handbook of Lifelong Learning. New York:  Oxford University Press.

Bhagat, R.S., McDevitt, A.S., Shin, M., Srivastava, B., & Krishnan, B. (2012).  Obama’s leadership in the era of globalization:  A critical evaluation. New York: Routledge Press


Professional Membership

Academy of Management, 2005-2015

International Association of Applied Cross-Cultural Psychologists, 2006-2008

American Association of Dental Editors and Journalists, 2016-current

Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), 2014-2016


Board of Directors/Committees

Evening Student Advisory Council, Christian Brothers University, Memphis, TN 1995-8.

Inside Dentistry, Board Member, September 2017-current


International Association for Orthodontists, Promotional and Communication Ad Hoc Committee for annual meeting Kauai, Hawaii, April 26, 2018.

Facial Beauty Institute:  Board of Directors, 2018-present.

OrthoMatrix Corp, Inc.™
P.O. Box 38983
Germantown, TN  38183
(901) 755-7932