The concern OrthoMatrix Corp, Inc.™ is a Tennessee type C Corporation (OMCI). OrthoMatrix Corp, Inc. is a holding company for the Facial Beauty Institute™, OrthoLogic™ and the ControlledArch System™. The Company was founded February 18, 2013 by Steve A. Galella, DDS and Ben R. Shappley. OMCI began as a specialty orthodontic supply and practitioner procedure certification concern. Later, the Company evolved to more advanced orthodontic reconstruction and bone growth and bone remodeling platforms. The Facial Beauty Institute™ is a nationally recognized certified practitioner training and certification concern. All courses and seminars are accredited by Academy of General Dentistry (PACE) Program Approved Continuing  Education. OrthoLogic™ is a provider service that offers individualized detailed diagnostic data and suggested patient treatment options that focuses on a highly technical process of unique radiographic and anatomy tracing process that is studied and reviewed by a staff of highly qualified internationally known orthodontic practioners, maxillofacial radiologists, and biomedical engineers. This unique individualized case-by-case process is intense and is designed to offer the provider highly desirable cost-effective treatment options for the patient. ControlledArch™ is a patent pending system that incorporates the latest scientific and clinical techniques to remodel the bone structure by controlling torque and tooth movement resulting in a very predictable desired outcome.

OrthoMatrix Corp, Inc. is headquartered just outside of Memphis in Germantown, Tennessee.

OrthoMatrix Corp, Inc.™
P.O. Box 38983
Germantown, TN  38183
(901) 755-7932